Crosstrainer squeaking

Crosstrainer squeaking: How to stop it

The Maxxus CX 5.1 has landed in the big crosstrainer test on the 2nd place. The elliptical cross trainer is really a good helper when it comes to defeating the inner bastard. After all, the crosstrainer promises effective training . If you put yourself on the exercise machine regularly then rewarded by the improved endurance, a lower weight and a better balance of muscle and body fat.

And you do not even have to leave the apartment. The excuse “no time for the gym” can save you with your own Crosstainer as well as an elaborate styling for the way to the fitness club. Just swap your slippers for a pair of sneakers, turn on your favorite show on TV or start your own workout playlist on the MP3 player and you’re ready to start training.

The training in your own home can also have its pitfalls. While in a gym the knowledgeable staff takes care of the maintenance of the equipment , at home one is responsible for it. So what can you do when the crosstrainer suddenly starts to squeak?

Cause research and remedy

If the crosstrainer makes sudden squeaky noises during the workout, it can be quite annoying. Not only you yourself are disturbed by the noise, the rhythmic squeaking noise also tugs at the nerves of your fellow man.

If the noise occurs in a nearly new device, then we recommend to contact the manufacturer before the cause research. Because he may give you an indication of where the noise could come from. In addition, you also have the manufacturer’s warranty for new devices . So, before you tinker with new equipment yourself, it’s best to put the cause in the hands of the manufacturer.

If the noise occurs on a device that has the manufacturer’s warranty already expired, then you can but quietly go first to cause research. Because often these are just smaller things that can be easily resolved without the help of a service provider .

If it squeaks somewhere, it usually lacks a lubricant . Therefore, you should start looking for the place where the sound is made.

In the course of time, it can happen that lubricants wear off and metal runs on metal. Especially with devices where mechanical movements take place is something not uncommon. Once you have identified the spot, just apply a little new lubricant there.

There are specially designed for fitness equipment lubricants that do without fat and silicone. This is usually a dry lubricant, which is applied as a spray. Spray has the advantage that it can be applied even in hard to reach places. We recommend that you use lubricants that have been specially developed for fitness equipment. These lubricants can be bought in specialized shops or on the Internet.

Incidentally, dry lubricants have the advantage that they do not drip. On the other hand , if you use conventional oil to lubricate squeaky screw connections , excess lubricant can drip onto the floor. And just when you have your cross trainer sitting in the living room carpet can be more than annoying.

Maybe your device also has a screw loose

The Skandika Elliptical Jupiter convinces in the test of the crosstrainer. If you still have not solved the problem with the use of lubricant, then it can be that a screw has loosened somewhere. Again, this is not uncommon in devices where, for example, joints are moved by force. So go in search of loose screw connections . If you find a loose screw, simply tighten it again. Normally this should solve the problem.

Of course, if the loose screw or screw connection is inside a case, the remedy will be a bit more complicated. First of all, you should take into account how old your device is. If you still have a manufacturer’s warranty on the device , then it would certainly not make sense to tinker independently on the panel to get to the inner workings of the crosstrainer .

Then we recommend contacting the manufacturer. Otherwise, this unauthorized crafting could cause the manufacturer’s warranty to expire. And that would be very annoying in the event, for example, if an electronic component would break.

If the manufacturer’s warranty has already expired, then of course you can open the panel of your crosstrainer unauthorized to search for the squeaky place. In any case, make sure that the device is not connected to the power during this time.

By the way, it does not necessarily have to be loose screw connections, which are responsible for the loud noises during the training. In the course of time, it is also possible for dirt particles to settle between movable parts which, under load, cause the annoying noises. We therefore recommend that you regularly remove any dirt from the moving parts on your crosstrainer .

Conclusion: small cause with great effect

Often, there are only small causes that cause the loud squeaking noises. Fortunately, these causes are usually eliminated with very little effort . An expensive repair by a service is only rarely necessary. In most cases, the use of a little lubricant and the tightening of loose screw connections are sufficient to solve the problem.


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