How To Hang A Punching Bag From The Ceiling

How To Hang A Punching Bag From The Ceiling

Let go for the step to step guide for how to hang a punching bag from the ceiling. If you train at home you may have bought a punching bag , so it is important that it is well hung to prevent it from falling or that on the other hand, cause a crack in the roof. We explain below, step by step and easily, how to hang a punching bag from the ceiling.How To Hang A Punching Bag From The Ceiling

Having a punching bag at home will not only help you to practice this sport, but it is also recommended when you want to release tensions or also the stress that we accumulate every day. Let’s see how to hang it correctly.

How to hang a punching bag from the ceiling

Hanging a punching bag from the ceiling is a simple operation, but sometimes it turns out that the bags hang badly or are attached to supports that are not suitable. Let’s see how to proceed before hanging the bag:

  • The first of all is to know where to hang the punching bag and how to hang a punching bag from the ceiling, since you must choose a place at home where you have the ability to move 360 degrees around the bag. In this way, you can also work with your legs and make the movements not only blows with your fists but also kicks.
  • If you cannot hang it in the center of the room, an important aspect is to consider the distance from the wall because the bag should not bounce off the wall.
  • Also, before hanging the punching bag you should know how high the ceiling is , since it is better if there is a certain distance between the bag and the ground.
  • On the other hand you must ensure that the roof will hold . Not only for the weight of the bag but also for the constant movements of it every time you hit or kick.
  • The punching bag is hung with a support. You must buy one that carries all the nuts and bolts necessary for the installation, but you should use quality parts so that when buying the bag, also make sure that they sell you the right thing to hang it.

Now let’s see how to hang the bag:

  • Place the support in the chosen area . You must first place a level, place the support well and mark with a pencil and then drill.
  • Once you have marked the holes , take the drill with a drill to drill concrete , select the firing and drilling function in the marks you have made.
  • Insert dowels into the holes you just made and then install the bracket with the screws and nuts you need. Make sure the support is well fixed to the ceiling.
  • Once you have installed the support then you should know about how to hang a punching bag from the ceiling
  • you can now hang the bag. To do this, it is recommended that you use a chain (not rope) and that you also pass it through a carabiner that you will hang from the support so that it will be easier for you to hang and unhook the bag whenever you want.

Hanging the punching bag is easy but try especially not to drill in a master beam as we repeat, you must take into account the weight of the bag and the blows that you are going to give it.

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