Spirit XG400-e Glide Elliptical Trainer Review

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Sprit XG400-e Glide Elliptical Trainer











  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • External Speaker
  • Light Weight


  • Can be tough on weak knees
  • Heavy Flywheel hard to get started
  • Not good value for the money

We have to be honest that we’re not huge fans of the XG400-e Glide Elliptical Trainer. If you can find this online for under $1500 then it’s a decent value, but the original price of $2000 is way too highly priced compared to more modern Trainers.

We like the unique design, and ease of use. It’s large wheel attached to a single axel

The elliptical trainer features:

  • An old-style 7.5” LED console screen with the usual functions. Heart Rate% & Muscle activation.
  • Option for a chest strap Heart Rate Monitor, which isn’t included. And a touch heart rate monitor.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth compatible with the SPIRIT FIT App for recording your workouts.
  • Handlebar Toggles allow you adjust the settings remotely without having to move your hands around too much.
  • There is an adjustable fan which we find redundant and uncessecary personally, but if you don’t have a fan or an AC in your gym, you might enjoy this.
  • External speaker and audio jack, if you have an old phone audio jack


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