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If you were a frequent gym-goer and feel a little lost through this unprecedented time, let us guide you through the best dumbbells you can buy to keep you fit from home.

Dumbbells are an excellent addition for a home gym of any size, but which ones should you buy? Below are options that are easy to use and offer you the best benefits. Jump by to discover the most popular dumbbell brands as well as our ratings and reviews.

Let’s face it, you really don’t need a gym to get and stay fit, as there are a few very simple and inexpensive tools that infinitely increase the number of exercises you can do and muscle groups that can be hit. Especially if you combine your workouts with body weight exercises, which was something a lot of people are being introduced to due to the 2020 pandemic. However, if bodyweight, or carrying jugs of water around your house just doesn’t cut it for you, then take a look at the following:

It really doesn’t matter what type of dumbbell you are going to buy, but make sure you include different weights. It is not difficult to find dumbbell balls, and there are many different types of weights of different sizes and shapes. If you buy one or two of these things, it would be the No 2 necessity (including gym mats and perhaps physio balls) that I would recommend you buy. [Sources: 1, 4]

When it comes to exercising for a whole body workout like squats, deadlifts, bench presses or deadlifts, many different types of dumbbells as well as different sizes and shapes are available. [Sources: 1]

Ideally, vinyl dumbbells are able to provide an evenly difficult workout without heavy weights or heavy equipment like rack or rack. Dumbbell sets are excellent to do almost any kind of exercise. A single set of adjustable dummies can replace dozens of individual dummies to help you save space and money. [Sources: 0, 1]

The heaviest leg lifts include squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench presses, dumbbell rolls, and even deadlifts. [Sources: 0]

The most popular brands on the market are usually bees, but you can also find a variety of other dumbbell brands in different sizes and shapes. Bayou has a wide range of different brands, from the most common brands to the more obscure brands such as T-Mobile, Lululemon and others. [Sources: 0, 6]

Adjustable dumbbells are tiny compared to professional hoists, but can still be considerable in a small house. With adjustable dumbbell weights, you will be able to keep your home clear – free, while you still have different weight options. Top rated, and you can buy them in many different sizes and shapes, starting with the cheapest options. [Sources: 2, 6]

The most popular dumbbells on the market today weigh between 1,000 and 2,500 pounds, with a weight range of 5 to 10 pounds. [Sources: 2]

Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for bodybuilders who want a product that is versatile and offers an affordable way to achieve your next fitness goal. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumb Bells is a good choice when you want simple, compact, and easy-to-adjust hand weights. We offer dumbbell pairs, which help you to replace your existing dumbbell bellies or to build a high-quality dumbbell set for your gym at any time. [Sources: 2, 3, 8]

NordicTrack sells the same product on Amazon under the name Speed Weights, but at a much lower price. A similar Bayou Fitness kit, which holds 50 pounds in dumbbells, is also available, and here’s what the Groom Style Review team found out. If you look for adjustable bells, you might come across an interesting – at first glance Select weight system of a well-known sports equipment manufacturer. [Sources: 8]

As with most dumbbells at home, you can buy 50lbs dumbbells that might be limited for some stronger people. You can also buy them at a lower price, but start with a lighter weight and add or buy again as you get heavier and heavier weights. [Sources: 7]

If you are not sure what type of dumbbells you are looking for, consider how serious you are about gaining muscle mass. If you decide, you really only want to buy a pair or a couple of solid dumbbell balls to use with How do you know what weight to use? For this reason, I would recommend purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set, as it gives you plenty of room to play and move on, as most beginners are serious about getting stronger. [Sources: 5, 7]

Those who want to work out for a few hours a day may want to look for hard rubber sets, while those looking for a gentle toning a few times a week or even just once or twice a month may not want to spend that much. Most gym quality sets have adjustable dumbbells with a weight of 50 kg or 100 kg, but those who want to enter the world of bodybuilding may have to set up a 50-100 kg set. To get fit quickly and find the best beginner exercises for your weights, use my guide to home exercises and 30 exercises. [Sources: 5]


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When you’re ready to buy some dumbbells, whether it be your first set or an addition to your existing collection, there are several things to consider.

  1. What is your goal? Lose weight? Build Muscle? Improve Performance?
  2. How much space do you have?
  3. What is your budget?

First and foremost whatever your goal is will dictate the kind of dumbbells you should buy. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then you want to most likely work more cardiovascular exercises, or High Intensity Interval Training, which means you won’t be going super heavy. If your goal is to build muscle then you want to pick a set you can grow into, which might mean picking a couple of various sizes, or an adjustable set. We will go into more detail in this article down below to help you find the ideal dumbbells for you, right now!

So let’s get started.

From the four categories below pick the one you want:

  1. Barbells to help you lose weight
  2. Barbells to build muscle
  3. Barbells to build strength
  4. Barbells to improve athletic performance

Barbells to help you with Losing Weight

First and foremost, when you’re working out to lose weight, the most important is the food and quantity you eat. Once you have that under control, then you can speed up through either aerobic exercise, or through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We prefer HIIT for dropping pounds and burning fat due to its efficiency combined with ability to build muscle.

Aerobic exercises can be supplemented with light barbells to help you lose weight.

With a good HIIT training program, you not only burn calories while working out, but also when you go home and rest, as the muscle that’s being built will require more calories to maintain. Anyways, we’ll write an article specifically on HIIT training in a future time. So keep an eye out.

Let’s first talk about Aerobic exercise. fSome people love aerobic exercise due to the endorphin rush they get after a good 30-40 minute session. The sweat, the  blood, and endorphins flowing throughout the body can be ultra-addictive, and anyone that loves aerobics, or spinning, jogging etc, will clearly tell you.

If aerobic exercise is your type of thing, and you want to supplement with some weights to increase intensity, then you only want to go for very light weight.

Some of the choices we like are the following:

Our Rating:



So these are the Amazon brand dumbbells and are a great value. But you basically get what you pay for, and there are some quality issues that pop-up with these from time to time. Some people have claimed they break and snap easily, another user said there were nails sticking out of them. Some mentioned the paint thinner they use for them destroys furniture, or gives off smells. However, that’s not all users, so while these might have some quality control issues from time to time, for the most part they seem to be a decent starter set for weights. You can use these on your yoga, pilates, jogging, or walking, or just to play around with as you sit on your desk. And if you don’t like them, you can always return them to Amazon.

Personally, however we prefer the following professional gym vinyl covered dumbbells:

Our Rating:



Out of all the light weight dumbbells we reviewed we found these to be our favorite. We are fans of the old-school professional-gym style of vinyl covering. You can drop these on your wooden floor and the damage will be minimal to none. The quality, look and feel is just like what one gets at the gym, and for around the same price as the Amazon brand ones, we found these to be a better purchase.

If you would prefer some soft weights you could jog with, then maybe check these out:

Our rating:



We like these sand-filled weights because they’re soft, fairly comfortable, and secure, so they’re great for jogging, warmups, or even just for strengthening while going out for a walk. They’re also on the cheap side. However they only have 1lb and 2lb per dumbbell, so for those of you wanting more weight, there aren’t many options. Also they are somewhat thick, and although they are moldable with sand, they still might feel a bit big on people with smaller hands. 

If sandbags aren’t for you, you can try the following nicely designed weights:

Our Rating:



We like these dumbbells because of their nice ergonomic design. Really their design is the main thing that stands out and makes these look so much nicer than the cheaper set of light weights we reviewed. They also feel so great when working out with them. The grip is non-slip so we could hold onto them even after a long and sweaty hour workout. They look good, and the colors are really great. The only thing we don’t like is that they are slightly more expensive than the other light weights we reviewed, but if you don’t mind spending a bit more for a nicer design, then these might be the ones for you. Click on the image to see the product up close on Amazon.com

Now, in the case you can’t decide on which weight size to pick, or perhaps you’ll be doing a bit of aerobic weight, but then you also want to go into light weight lifting, then you’re going to love these as much as we do:



These would hands down be our favorite dumbbells for losing weight if price weren’t an issue. Although, while they do seem expensive, you have to remember you’re basically getting 4 weights in one. If you were to buy these separately, a 5.512 lb, an 11.023lb, a 16.535lb, a 22.046lb, and a 27.558lb, you would normally pay at the cheapest at around 80 bucks, so for an extra $20 dollars, you get to save up on extra space by having them all in one. However, keep in mind, you might not need an 11lb, or a 16lb, so in essence, you could still save way more by going for the dumbbells individually, but you would not look as cool. 

If having a gym that looks nice, and is space efficient, then this one is your obvious choice. If you don’t care about these as much, then perhaps you can buy one of the previous recommendations. It doesn’t matter which ones you chose, just keep in mind that it’s all an investment in yourself. If you’re anything like me, the more you spend, the more likely you are to keep using the equipment, then going for more expensive is for you. If you have the discipline and habits in place already, then please do go for the cheaper ones.

These are our best choices for losing weight, if your main focus isn’t so much in losing weight, however, and you want to build muscle, then take a look at the best dumbbells for building muscle up next!

The Best Dumbbells for Building Muscle

During the age of covid19 it’s more and more important to find the right dumbbells for home, so when trying to find the perfect set, we looked for convenience, size, and quality as the most important factors. We found the following as our top recommendations, that will allow you to go from heavy leg workouts, to not so heavy shoulders, without taking up all the space in your home. And finally we also looked at those that may already have the space in their house, maybe in their garage, or backyard, for a more well rounded sets. So let’s dive in, and take a look at our top picks:


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