What dumbbells to buy

What dumbbells to buy?

Many people who decide to improve their fitness, and thus taking care of the figure decide not only on diet, but on training, which is the most desirable element. Home gyms are an increasingly common choice, and the equipment that can be used in it is a variety of. One of the more basic elements of home exercise equipment are dumbbells, commonly called barbells. It is a device that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, practically for most muscle groups. The exercise bench and dumbbells are the perfect duo. In this article, you will learn what to look for when choosing this equipment, and what should be the best dumbbells for exercise .What dumbbells to buy

Dumbbells – what do they give?

Many people who start exercising choose the atlas and this is the most understandable choice, because it will allow us to get used to our physical muscles and “implement” us into the world of sport. Over time, dumbbells, i.e. free weights, become an integral part of training and in most cases replace all types of machines, except those for the muscles of the legs. They allow greater freedom and adapt the movements to our needs. We are able to exercise in any plane, not through the imposed, often artificial machine range, which is the exercise atlas .

Dumbbells are also considered by many to be an alternative to barbell exercises, such as bench press or bench squats. Good dumbbells allow you to train many muscle groups and are great for beginners and advanced athletes, making them a basic element of any home gym.

Types of dumbbells – what exercise dumbbells to buy?

As with many types of equipment, we will find many types of barbells on the market. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing, because it is an important issue and it will be crucial whether we find good training dumbbells.

• Cast iron dumbbells – on the market for many years, to this day they have a good success and are popular, due to reliability and durability. They are resistant to any mechanical damage, which makes them virtually indestructible. The downside is the fact that they are relatively expensive, but the price goes with the quality of this equipment.

• Neoprene dumbbells – filled with a cast iron mass, but differ in the outer coating, which is their main advantage. The neoprene coating makes them more pleasant to touch and considered by many to be more handy; our hand will not slip during training, which is a great improvement.

• Rubber dumbbells- they are dumbbells that are fully made of rubber, which makes them softer and provides a very good grip. Often these are fitness dumbbells, so you can not look for this type of dumbbells with a large weight. Their advantage is undoubtedly the fact that even when exercising without a training mat , our floor will not get damaged.

• Vinyl dumbbells – often used for fitness exercises, the filling is made of cast iron, but the outer shell is vinyl. Very large and poorly resistant to mechanical damage

As you can see, there are many types of dumbbells, and still not all. On the market we will find many different amenities, such as additional rubber elements, which are to increase the comfort of exercise and provide us with a sure grip, and above all safety during exercise. Let’s choose dumbbells depending on the nature of the exercises and the level of advancement.

Weight-adjustable dumbbells are a very functional choice.

Which dumbbell bar should I choose?

If you decide on folding dumbbells, you should consider choosing the right bar . The neck is nothing but a bar on which we attach the plates, i.e. the load. Remember that it must be arranged symmetrically. As for the neck itself, it should be a solid construction , made of good quality cast iron. Let’s choose it depending on the size of our hand, so that by clenching the hand on the neck we are able to embrace it all. It may not be too big, because it will cause that we will not hold it confidently, which threatens to release it from the hand. Often the neck is covered with rough projections to improve grip.

What dumbbells to buy for a beginner?

We recommend beginner’s dumbbells, which can add weight. They are the most versatile dumbbells. Such a set is undoubtedly more expensive, but will allow a wide range of exercises and matching the weight to our progress. Starting with a dumbbell weighing 5 kg and ending with weights of 25 kg and above, we can maneuver adding plates and increasing the weight of the dumbbell, depending on our needs. Many people choose kettlebell for the first device , which is as popular as dumbbells and gives the possibility of many interesting exercises.

What to look for when choosing?

When buying any equipment for strength training, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects that will translate into whether our equipment will be suitable. The most important are:

  • Weight, and the ability to adjust it
  • Handiness
  • Materials
  • Size

It is also worth mentioning to buy only equipment that comes from a reputable manufacturer . This will help us avoid possible breakdowns and problems with breaking parts, and this will translate into our safety during training, which is the most important thing.

Exercise dumbbells – Ranking and price 2019

Now that we know what is the most important, it’s time to choose the best training dumbbells . Let’s take into account what materials were used for their production, what are their sizes and weight. We present a list where you will find the most popular dumbbells . The ranking comes from the my website and is constantly updated.

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